Shades of Green Yoga: The Meaning Behind the Name

As I have begun to shift my attention towards creating my own space within the yoga world, it felt time to find a name for myself as a yogi in business. After some serious contemplation, I decided on Shades of Green Yoga, and here is why.

The name started with the color “Green:”

I felt very drawn to green, which is the color of the Anahata Chakra, the heart chakra. Green has been my favorite color long before I knew of its connection to the heart. I love the cleanliness of the color green, its connection with nature, and its warmth.

I wanted to ensure that the name had this connection to nature, as I find that within nature, one can find a kind of truth, a grounding, a connection. I spend many of my vacations hiking up mountains or through forests. I find being in nature rejuvinates me and helps me feel whole, something that I also obtain from my own yoga practice.

I also feel that as I have grown older (and hopefully wiser) that I have been working harder to remain open hearted, accepting all of the good and the challenges that come along with that. I believe in the power of good that can stem from walking through this world with an open heart.

The name rang true for me when I added in “Shades.”

The shades of the Shades of Green Yoga, stems from my belief that there is space for each of us to experience our own shades of green, that none of us have to follow the same path or find joy in the same things. That much of the beauty in the world resides in the different ways in which we can find and connect with our ownselves and our wholenss, in order to stand in that and share it with the world. We are an array of colors and shades.

The name ends with “Yoga.”

When I think of yoga, it entails not only the asanas or poses that you might have seen, but more soundly in the idea of yoga as a means of finding your own strength and balance within, your own personal spirituality. For me, yoga started with the poses, then playing with the breath and exploring meditation, and has ended with a greater sense of my own wholeness.

Shades of Green Yoga is the yoga business of Mary Beth (MB) Wilson. She is a 500-hour certified yoga instructor. She started her business as “Yoga in English with MB” in October 2018 and changed the name to “Shades of Green Yoga” in July 2018. For more information about MB, please click here.

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