Welcome to Shades of Green Yoga!

MB hiking the Mt. Manaslu Circuit, Nepal, 2016

Shades of Green Yoga offers Hatha yoga classes in English with MB (Mary Beth Wilson).

She infuses her classes with a sense of acceptance, warmth, and humor, working to make everyone feel welcome. MB works hard to create a class environment where students can connect with themselves and explore their own practice, with the ultimate goal of helping people create space for wholeness and acceptance. She provides many choices throughout class, so that students can meet themselves where they are in any given moment.

Her teaching is most strongly informed by ISHTA, her education in trauma informed yoga, and her own experiences living in a war zone, surviving cancer, and finding her own path towards a healthier connection with herself.

The cozy studio (Bija Yoga Berlin) in which MB teaches is filled with green plants and can accommodate a maximum of 13 students per class. This means more personal attention for you, the students, and that MB is able to offer more modifications to suit your needs throughout class, allowing each student to determine at any point during class if they want to heat up their practice or cool it down.

MB works hard to create a class environment where everyone feels comfortable to listen to their own inner guide; to explore new and established ways of moving their body, breath, and energy; and to simply be themselves.

People of all shapes, sizes, and experience levels are welcome to join class on a first come, first serve basis. For class, bring yourself, your friends/partners/family, comfy clothes, an open spirit, and a sense of adventure and humor.

Come and take some time for yourself and join me on the mat to see if this style of yoga suits you!
MB (Mary Beth)

About MB: MB is a 500 hour certified yoga teacher within the Integrated Science of Hatha Tantra and Ayurveda (ISHTA) lineage. She has also conducted a training in trauma informed yoga. Click on the highlighted text to learn more about Shades of Green Yoga and MB.